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Lamella - tipped Doctor Blades without grinding
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Steel Doctor Blades

Benton Graphics has been making steel doctor blades for over 30 years. We begin by using only the finest steel available. This steel is then subjected to a stringent set of quality standards to ensure that the best blades possible can be produced. Only then does the material get the OK for production.

We offer several different types of steels to best suit your application. We offer white (or bright) carbon steel, stainless steel, the specialty alloy GET, Gold Steel Alloy, Blue Carbon Steel, and our own specialty steel, Microloy®. Check out our Doctor Blade Materials page for more information. The resulting doctor blades are some of the finest available for the Gravure, Flexo, and Pad Printing industries:


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Type A

Chemically reduced step provides a thin consistent wiping edge and a large useful area of the doctor blade.


Type B

Single-bevel provides a consistent edge shape.


Type C

Chemically reduced step is smaller than Type A, yielding added stiffness.


Type D

Both sides have a smooth round metering edge.


Type E

Mechanically slit blade provides a square edge. Not smooth like Type D.


Type F

Doctor blade and backup blade in one. Patent # 4,895,071 I


Plastic Doctor Blades

As plastic becomes a larger part of the printing industry, Benton Graphics is here to offer a variety of plastic blades to suit each printers' need. Plastic offers many benefits such as high corrosion resistance, and improved wear resistance. That is why Benton Graphics now offers the following plastic containment and doctor blades

  • UHMW: This corrosion resistant plastic is most often used in corrugated applications and Flexo printing with slow speeds and low line counts. UHMW provides good doctoring characteristics, high abrasion resistance, and withstands high temperatures. It is available in blade types E in .020, .030, .040, .050, .060, .080, and .090 inches thick. UHMW in type B with 90 and 45 degree bevels are available on all thickness. UHMW is also available in a .060 to a .030 step in it. Wide stepped UHMW is also available for the Sun Automation chamber.
  • MYLAR®: Mylar is most often used as a containment in Flexo applications. Mylar is moisture and corrosion resistant and will withstand high temperatures. Mylar will also not become brittle. Mylar is available .0075, .014, and .020 inches thick in blade type E. .020 Mylar can also be used in Flexo applications as a Doctoring Blade in applications with midrange line counts. This .020 material comes in a type B with a 15 degree bevel. .0075 and .014 are too thin to be used in Doctoring applications.
  • ACETAL: Acetal offers excellent stiffness and good doctoring characteristics in Flexo applications with mid range line counts. Acetal is available in a type B with a 20 degree bevel, or type E, both in .030 and .040 inch thickness.



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